Death penalty for policeman who killed two civilians in curfew


A police officer who shot dead two people in the pretext of enforcing curfew orders in May has been sentenced to death in Mogadishu.

The military court sitting in Mogadishu booked the officer, Hassan Adan Hassan a date with the firing squad.

Of the two killed was a woman who left behind a one month old baby. The officer is reported to have fired at the two while in their home compound in the evening during Ramadán period.

The killing of the two sparked two days protests in Mogadishu as residents demanded justice for the victims.
Ads By GoogleThe Federal Government had announced a dusk to dawn curfew which is still in force.

Police officers in Mogadishu have in the past faced such sentences for civilian killings.
The officer has the right to appeal the case within 30 days.


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