Justice is the key to life


Justice is the key to life I would like to contribute my thoughts to the upcoming 2020/2021 elections in Somalia The solution is to follow two ways. In the whole of society to teach logo parties and photographs of candidates which can be delivered even on the Internet and co-workers pictures into when they dig she votes (One Man One Vote) election could occur precisely with connecting CCTV cameras and directs a panel that is designed to allow the voter (voter) to publicly present the site or party in which he or she voted to watch his or her own image and then put it in the box together and this is part of the idea we refer to the customary norms that are often shaped by some of the most progressive political parties and that in 1956 sometime tried to educate the public about the political parties of the time. Secondly, I think parliament is divided into parties that they can run democratically.

In other words, it is in line with the Somali way of thinking that the parliamentary system must go through new elections to vote and vote for its constituents. see the ideal candidate for leadership but I emphasize in my view that communication and meetings can be reduced by electoral members so that we do not become entangled in the political spillovers and the electoral process on consecutive days as they listen to the political proposals. each day a candidate to become the next elections and the election commission would be independent of the territory to be used in the presence of their stay observers and scholars and mainstream society.

Okash Sugow



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