NIEC registers eight new political parties


Somalia’s National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) has registered eight new political parties as to the country gears up for elections early next year.

The chair of the commission Halima Ismael Ibrahim and registrar of political parties Mohamed Omar Ahmed presided over the certification which was conducted online due to COVID- 19 restrictions.

The registered parties are Bulshada Dimoqaardiga Soomaaliyeed, Nolosha iyo Cadaaladda, Walaalaha Midoobay, Tubta Horumarka iyo Nabadda, Xisbiga Isbahaysiga Mustaqbalka, Soomalinimo, Cadaaladda Horumarinta Dimoqaraadiyadda iyo Isqadarinta, and Badbaado Qaran.

The electoral body has since temporarily registered more than sixty political parties.

The commission has recently tabled two options in order to conduct elections in upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary polls next year.

During an address to the parliament last week, the chair lady Halima Ismael presented two voting models namely the manual registration and biometric system for the house to decide.

She, however, acknowledged that her team needs at least 13 months for the planning of the democratic exercise in the horn of the African nation despite the security and economic challenges.


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