President Farmajo is scheduled for opening of 7th session of somali parliament


Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is expected to lead the opening ceremony of the seventh joint session of the Somali Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament on Saturday.

According to Somalia’s provisional constitution’s article 90 paragraph seven, the President of the Federal Republic is mandated to open the parliament.

Top on the agenda is a much-anticipated elections timetable, Somali National Army operations against the armed group al-Shabaab in the liberated areas, the progress made in the completion of the draft constitution, and the upcoming meeting with the leadership of regional administrations.

The private media faulted the authorities for locking their crew out of the function but according to government officials, the proceedings will be televised live on the national broadcaster SNTV and Radio Mogadishu with permission for private media to air the content.


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