Regional leaders snub FGS invitation to Mogadishu for FMS meeting in Dhusamareb


Somalia’s regional presidents will meet in Dhusamareb on Thursday July 9 to discuss the critical issues ahead of the National Security Council (NSC) meeting with the Federal Government.

President Farmaajo called for the NSC meeting – the first one in nearly two years – with regional leaders on June 25th and scheduled it for the first week of July in Mogadishu.

 However, the plans quickly soured as Puntland and Jubbaland both publicly announced that they would not be attending the proposed meeting. Last week, it was announced that the NSC meeting would be held from July 5,8; however, these latest developments have axed those ambitions.

Hiiraan Online has learned that the regional presidents spoke via teleconference on Sunday night to gloss over the agenda. It is understood that the upcoming elections will dominate the talks.

It appears that the regional presidents are meeting up to establish a united front before meeting with the federal government.

Regional leaders have worked around Mogadishu in the past by meeting without Somalia’ federal government. Regional leaders forged the Council of Interstate Cooperation (CIC) in late 2018 after they suspended cooperation with the federal government.


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