Somali Police foil two attempted attacks in Mogadishu


Somali Police Force has on Sunday foiled two attempted explosive attacks in the capital, Mogadishu.

According to the spokesman of the police, Captain Sadik Adan Ali, the officers arrested a suspect who was attempting to plant an explosive device in a vehicle at Ex-Control junction South of the capital.

On the second incident, a suspect was detained by the security agencies while in possession of improvised explosive vests.

The two will be arraigned in court to answer charges according to Captain Sadik.

Most of the major roads in Mogadishu were closed on Sunday morning due to demonstrations in support of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s speech in the parliament on Saturday.

The head of state appealed to the members of the Upper and Lower House of the parliament to back a new move to decide the status of the Benadir region, which will allow allocation of seven seats at the Upper House of parliament


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