Somali today marks 60th anniversary of Independence of the country’s northern region after gaining independence from Britain.

Before 1960, Somalia was divided by colonial powers – the British controlled the northern protectorate of Somaliland, while the Italians were in charge of what is now the Federal Republic of Somalia.

On 26th June 1960, Somalia’s northern regions gained independence from Britain following decades of colonization.

Despite challenges caused by Coronavirus, the Federal Government of Somalia has held event at Villa Somalia to the anniversary as part of the northern of the country is also the D Day.

Speaking at Villa Somali ceremony, President Farmajo congratulated the Somali people on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the independence of the Northern regions.

“This day came as the result of the efforts SNM and SYL groups who fought for the freedom, just to make sure the upcoming generations live freedom and peaceful,” the president said. ” We know those groups left legacy behind but the question is, what are we going to leave behind for our children, we need to set aside everything which could decided this nation including tribalism.”

Freedom fighters, cabinet ministers, the chief justice, the mayor of Mogadishu and the members of the diplomatic core were present during the colorful ceremony.

Five days later after the northern region gained independence, the southern region secured their independence from Italy and subsequently the two former colonies united as the United Republic of Somalia.

The merger of the two regions marked the birth of the Republic of Somalia on July 1, 1960.

Every June and July Somalia marks the independence and the unity day of the two Somali regions, former British Somaliland Protectorate and Southern Somalia under Italian rule.


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