Somalia regional leaders summit concluded at Garowe with communique.


The leaders of federal states of Somalia have concluded their meeting at Garowe, the capital of Puntland Administration and issued communique indicating a number of issues they have agreed.

Inter-state cooperation council
which is contained the five federal states of Somalia halted their cooperation with
the federal government of Somalia on 8 September and they have been discussing on
“security, political and social aspects” for the past four days.

Presidents of Jubbaland, South-West,
Galmudug and Puntland states have convened at Garowe on 20th October
and Hishabele president was absent from the meeting because of its cooperation
with the government.

The leaders said that the
federal government failed to maintain the fighting against Al-shabaab and” the
security has fallen apart and the country is at the brink of falling into the
hands of Al Shabab again”.

The members of the council have
agreed to build security forces those are independent from the federal government
and “develop affordable and achievable fact based inter-State security plan
solidifying the Federal Member States forces with the main responsibilities,
execution and funding led by the FMSs”.

During the meeting of four days
the council discussed political issues and retreated “that its decision to
suspend the cooperation with the FGS has not changed” and welcomed the mediation
leading by the Upper house of Somali parliament.

Also leaders founded a new
political party named National progressive party and chaired by Abdi Wali
Mohamed Ali Gas, president of Puntland administration.

The leadership of the council
was also changed and elected to Sharif Hassan Sheekh Aden, president of
South-West state and deputy as Ahmed Du’ale Gele Haf, president of Galmudug administration.


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