United Nations 2nd headquarter in Geneva was hold the first designated Somali-Maay-Swiss conference,

United Nations 2nd headquarter in Geneva was hold the first designated Somali-Maay-Swiss conference, which all Southern Somalia diaspora attended an authentic time to partake the significant agenda of the long time waited session. Southern Somalia outsiders’ Maay speaking people met there to generate and set up a strong united community serving for fhese peoples and stands to protect or award of the main cause in the side of principles developing language scripture and cultural damages politically coming from the homeland based on political racism and coherence stalemate those resulted Somalis to become a rebellious nation since overthrown the former defiant sterner regime of the present federal dictator uncle Siyad Barre in 1991.
Many intellectual participants enchanted listening the free democratic beguiling discussion at the blazing hole, where prominent multifarious politicians were swapping ideas of gaining an accessible long- lasting uncorrupted community system, which has a fathomable rigid straight constitutional accountability and a reliable experienced fair leadership may pave the crowd to the triumph way and effective for innocents under-go the endless turmoil and human violations in the country, whose properties were looted and taken their cantons including agricultural lands and shelters by the same other Somalis from central and northern Somalia. Former horn African state electoral committee chairman 1960s Hagi Mohamed Awow, Somali Democratic Movement (SDM) ex-leader Dr Abdi Muse Mayow, Ex-Somalia’s higher central banking chief Hagi Yusuf, head of Southern Somalia median Dr Abdullahi Amaandhoorey and many others of equal ranking individuals were seen on the stage vouchsafing reasonable recommendations through microphone to the onlookers of the various guests from distinguish provinces in Switzerland.
Famous singers young and old waving Swiss and Southern Somalia flags led by Abdow Muri and Omar Sharif accompanied by Adey Ali preformed traditional patriotic songs while the congregational meeting on the whole day. Some might put critics on this session and also may commentate or demonstrate out that it sunders the Somalia nation into two, but actually such misleading and misdeclarated proclaiming are poltitical tricks on Southern Somalia population in a way their perishment and eradication to be legitimized leaving their land and using the invaders by the name of the central governance. Before the independence,
Somalia had merely two main political parties (HASBIA FOR MAAY) and (LEGO FOR MAHA) and both spoke the two major accents Maay and Maha Somali language separately. But, as the colonies left, the Maha speakers sat on the reign and mutilated the Maay original mass talkers. The Maay indigenous citizens were multreated and ignored even their own mother tongue in the country let alone allowance of the rulling national state. Most of the Maay colossus were killed in different ways, some were jailed, some were exiled, their regions were captured, divided and occupied and the rest others were perished in man-made catastrophic genocide by the governing system. The internal language racism against Maay people also crossed through the western world after the country destroyed and went in to a civil war because most of the refugee translators were Maha speakers since they had profited from the central saddle of easily arriving in developed countries earlier like:- Europe and America including Australian continent.
For that instance, if the Southern Somalia Maay speaking asylum seekers come in to the countries mentioned above and pledge for political asylum, then they have a very little chance to find a real political asylum decument or either humanity permitt to stay how ever their case is perfect for Geneva convention refugee status because of misinterperation in a way of enmity. So, this prolonged systematical lingo violation that most of the world didn’t know it essayed Somali-Maay-Swiss to construct a prifitable stronger community in Switzerland that could lead success to Southern Somalia folks those are the most victims in all sides abroad and inside since Somalia republic took freedom in 1960. On the peroration, this comprehensive session brilliant faces met impersonally is expected to be the role model of the non-Maha speakers over populated between the horn African two main rivers Jubba and Shabelle as a devoded milestone gusto consequence of Maay Unity in abroad in history.
By:Adam Increase


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