Do you know that Balad district commissioner in Middle-Shabelle region Mr Qasim Ali Nur known as (Qasim Furdug) sleeps at his home Karan district in Mogadishu every night and never slept at Balad a single night where he was nominated to be as a district chairman? Are you aware of that this district chairman Mr Furdug goes to Balad when aid food is being given to the local resident people? Do you perceive that Mr Qasim departs to abroad three time monthly, even more travel than the foreign minister of the state, and ambles with the public taxes intended for developing agricultural, main roads, security, social health services and the main cause of the district including electricity and educational centres? Donat you know that mr Qasam has no two legs, one leg missed why he was member of terrorist groups fighting against the federal government of Somalia? Do you fathom also as Mr Furdug became Balad district commissioner Alshabab extremists fortified their stations in the region and stationed their militants five km away from the district right now and nevertheless more goverment soldiers were killed or lost their lives in different ways? If Hirshabelle state leaders are connive at these atrocites made by this chairman is another disaster, if not, they have to change Mr Qasim Furdug who can poss unimaginable immediate threat to the province greater than the expected one from the radical groups Alshabab surounding to the area presently. This message warns and envious against the aproaching danger talks to all Hirshabelle state demagogues, particularly the vice-president Mr Gudlawe whose action and initial steps are being waited and gazed by all the citizens under this provincial administration.


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