An effusive and proficient greater organized cermonial integration betided at St.Gallen central city in canton St.Gallen yesterday. this session was attended by both Somali Eastern-Swiss community members from far and short distances and Swiss confederal government properly. many distinguish experts stood on the podium presented a tough harangue and elucidated the word meaning of “Integration” to the rapt audiences and mindful spectators, who were grasping the crucial speech and clarification of the lecturers.
Somali Eastern-Swiss Community chairman Mr Hussein Mohamed qorlehshe precedently unclogged the profitable congregational assemblage expatiated the long way of concoctive community and unignorable pragmatic benefits of integration for all both foreingners including the refugees and yankees, which, he said “without integration, no way intermingle,” and that shows integration is the backbone or key of varous nations’ understanding living in same land or territory.

Southern Media Co-Operation (SMC) was invited to the summit rummaged experienced professor Dr Abdullahi Ibrahin Amaandhoorey a senior journalist and long time inhabitant in Switzerland prolonged the genuine integration explanation and its significance as an act or deed apparently, the professor felicitated all sorts of the participants on their convacation victory, which he declared “an integral triumph.”
Country’s Police officers on the stage furnished the essence of integration, and enlightening to the bystanders enunciated that integration needs practice for exmple in respecting each other in public scenes like workshops, schools, train stations, airports, hospitals, religious centres, sport centers, zoos, markets etc.

the officers opennly were asked several question by the Somali Community eastern Switzerland members at the hole, and they have frankly rendered cogent answers to the community askers. Mr P.Widrig a Swiss police officer clearly described that racism every sort of it is absolutely forbidden in Swiss confederal country, and when some one is found it will be prosecuted. He also entittled that corruption, drugs, decapitation or murder, theft, monopoly, pulsation or beating, cheating, horrifying and all criminal acts are unacceptable, so they must be avoided and suspended seriously.
Mr C. Graf a police officer accompanied by his colleague also explicated the sequence of quilty person’s punishment, which he divided into three types small one, middle rate and appex level.
The Somali Community Eastern Switzerland known (Somali Community Ostschweiz) led by Mr Hussein Mohamed Qorlehshe and Swiss government police started in good manner and ended enthusiastically. Southern Media Co-Operation by the session caught its cameras that police officers and the multinational multifarious community participants were smiling and integrating in one another amicably by eating Somali-made cakes and sweets together, that shows Somali Communityin eastern Switzerland is integrating very well since young open-minded people are leading the democratic elected community guidance, those most of them are workers and understand much of the country’s sytem.

So long, Somalis in eastern Swiss cantons hadn’t had a comprehensive free and fair democratic elected community, except from this new Somali Community Ostchweiz, there were only fewer individuals, whom were not elected, but merely they them selves self-appointed to be chiefs of the Somali community in eastern Swiss pronvinces.
Now Somali Community Ostschweiz has a ful administration. Mr Husein Qorlehshe is the coummunity chairman. 2.Mr Dahir Mohamed is the depurty of the communty. 3.Mr Hassan Abdi is the account management director. 4.Mrs Nimo Yasin is the mother and child administrative. 5.Mr Abdullahi Ali Jarere is the youth director and where 5. Mrs Ilhan Mohamud Adan is interpreter.
Finally, the somali communty in eastern Switzerland rewarded a good presentation to the government police officers and all the bystanders including young and old mainly men and women burst cheering because of hapiness and virtue, since all sides understood the integtarion explanation by the government very well.
What you do makes you you who you are!!
By.Ustad Adam


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