Swiss confederal goverment had enforced a new law of anti women circumcision, which prohibits parents to cut young females their foreskin off inside and outside of the territory. This law also says that parents circumcised their own young daughters in foreign and departing into Switzerland may cost them endanger because article no:124th swiss confederal constitution oders “a punishment,” against the parents, whom are found to be involved in the case of young lasses circumcision from the year 2012.

Mrs Denise Schwegler from Caritas switzerland and the Network against female genital cutting switzerland has very good explained this sensitive new law to the asylum seeker families including international refugee spouses and all foreign partners at a laudable well-organised official meeting in Biel city of the swiss headquarter Bern. Translating in Somali by Mrs Abshiro Adam Hosow and in French Mrs Amun, Mrs Schwegler expatiated that the refugee families must inform their comrade and relatives to stop young girls circumcision in Africa or other continents in the world, becuase she said “or else parents will get trouble “if” they come with their circumcised young daughters in to Swiss country.”

Already as the article no:124th the new law enforcement has begun, a somalia family, whom are found to be involved in breaking this new law were prosecuted, those are right now being helped by the Caritas to protect them from a severe hardship worst than the one they are swaying with here and there. Many parents from many parts of the world amid of Somalians are too worried about this new law enforcement, which Swiss confederal government and highest court already endorsed its enforcement, though Caritas led by Mrs Denis Schwegler and experienced jurists are in an effort to protect and help refugee parents and ofcourse all new-comers might concern this sensational new law.

Southern Media Co-Operation team senior journalists led by Dr Abdullahi Ibrahim Amaandhoorey was invited the session had photogaphed the scene and filmed how the sensational discussion has been taking place. Southern media has also hardly interviewed Denise Schwegler from Caritas switzerland and the Network against female genital cutting switzerland in German language at the discussion scene and also Somali community leader in canton Luzern Mrs Fatima Osman, which you will be broadcasted for the next coming hours heaven forbid!! By:Adam Increase


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