Fine day and night to you ladies and gentlemen our laudable audiences and lovely readers who daily visit Southern Media Co-Operation to find a realistic reliable news and have a desire source know about what is truly going around the world including the country, therefore, we would like to highlight and convey you a brief commentary paragraph about the 6th of June in which all Mailand nation seriously believe to be necessary mentioning it beguilingly.

From 1960 till time being, Somalia didn’t obtain a comprehensive governmental just system for the poor reason of tribalism that apparently delayed the nation and created a deep aversion between Somalians whom physically are thought to be coherent siblings, but beasts to each other.

After the defiant dictator Siyad Barre’s regime overthrown, the country went into profound turmoil, the security went out of the window, the economy subsided, the ministerial buildings including the headquater, main roads, airports, seaports, museums, public gardens, historical towers, tourism hotels, zoos, markets, hospitals, schools, colleges,  public gardens, police stations universities and agricultural machine workshops were devastated, and this brought a bad sort consequence of ( a community intervening in to other community in same country) because every comrade started to regroup its self by attacking to others those they might think them that they are more weaker than.

In the horn of Africa Mailand People aren’t violent, but are peace-loving society, they always entice peace probability or peace process building, they are known hard-working, solidarity, smart humanity and nationalism, unfortunately they had been invaded aggressively in different ways by the central and Northern Somalians.

The stablishment inspiration of RRA movement came beyond Mohamad Farah Aidid’s invasion dark night to Biadoa Mailand on his goal “force to capture the whole Mailand regions belong to Maay People originally.

Though the dead warlord Aidid was proclaiming to be a government instead of that, his horror cannibal clan alliance began brutal nasty actions including genocide against the Mailand inhabitants, his militia looted trading centres, livestock, ration stores, and kidnapped female sorts including teenage nine year old girls, it also perished residents dozen by dozen mainly men, women and children by burning them a live at houses particularly in huts.

Aidid’s tribal gruesome militia who fought against United Nation troops (Unisom) and killed the 18 US peace-keeping aid mission soldiers (Restore Peace and Hope) in Mogadishu 1993, his lethal armed subclan ignored to hear the world to stop the genocide perpetrating at the Mailand innocents, because the Adid’s militiamen known as (Salballar) had been targeting the indigenous Maay People to oust the territory generally.

In that time, thousands and thousands more Maayland citizens were seen fleeing to refugee camps inside and abroad, some died of starvation and some others have been shooted directly in their homes mercilessly where the corpse bodies littered on the streets openly flying birds were consuming them asthough  carrion animals.

Over 500’000 people died in Southern Somalia or Maayland soil particularly Baidoa town of scarcity, malnutrition, man-made disease and draughts, and this attributed by Aidid’s tribe who were part of Maay peoples’ perishing acts the year in 1990s.

Aidid’s terror militia Salballar privation evidently conspired to eradicate Maay society from the horn of Africa, it hindered them from the daily life and also poisoned the water-wells after terrorising the unarmed community by loosing the easiness and order of the state.

In a press interview Aidid was asked why he went and attacked Mailand provinces “of not his own,, replied “that”, “he will bring the Baidoans of Mailand back to the Islamic religion, since they are becoming apostates as he said

Aidid the warlord guy said “in Baidoa Mailand, there are unbeliever Christain agencies, who are baptizing what he called Rahaweinians, for that instance, we mobilize jihad to Bay Mailand, so that we oust to the priests serving for the church”.

But, that was only a poor pretext and cheap propaganda from Aidid’s mouth to mislead the Somalian good-minded population. there was neither scintilla true word about his proclaiming nor truth. the agencies, whom, he libelled were the human aid organizations, who had been relieving the damaging hunger vulnerable Mailand indigenous crowd, those ravaged their belongings by Aidid him self’s inclined hostile clan from 1991.

At a rostrum utterance he was vouchsafing to his living-booty sub-clan, officially uttered “that”, Maay people aren’t Somalis. Adid said “The Digil-Mirifle are black big large nostril people, who are from Uganda, they aren’t Somalis, they know nothing about an administration, and we must not allow them any contingency they could approach to an administrative office, they must be beaten as an asinus and colonized them like slavers done”. So, this speech sends a gigantic noteworthy message and shows to the cosmos that the dead warring faction murder General Mohamad Farah Aidid was the sternest harsh racist ever seen in the horn of Africa, whose brutal rhetorical killing ideology mutilated the great Somalia Federal Republic scrupulously Mailand ethnic populations.

How ever, after this desolate fatal atrocity from the crueler tribe demagogue Mohamad Farah Aided happened it, the Mailand compatriots majority Maay-speaking nation established voluntarily a patriotic liberation movement of their own explicitly Rahawein Resistant Army (RRA) which mobilzed long struggle against the inferior chaotic Aidid militia inured to savagery, those are from Mudug and Galgudud provinces in central of Somalia and more far away from Mailand regions.

The Mailand nation elected General Hasan Mohamad Nur SHatigudud as the chairman of RRA highest ranking position, SHiek Adam Madobe the depurty chairman, where Mohamad Ibrahim Mohamad Habsade became the second depurty chairman of Rahawein Resistant Army’s liberation movement.

As soon as RRA council had been announced, the movement commenced its national military operations to fulfil its duty by giving a counter-blast reply toward the Aidid’s blood-sucking militia, who had habituated trivial killing, robbery, abduction, evacuating local people, piracy, terror acts and ruining merely.

An initial self-defend recruitment, RRA stationed distinctive potent troops in Eldon, JHaffey, DHonqoq and DHil  military bases in the Mailand and started exceeding truculent assails against the antagonist held positions.
In the combating struggle, RRA launched invariable voracious attacks of disabling the foe every single night to dislodge it from the land.
The new tactical military skirmish and (the guerilla of hit and run war) by the Rahawein Resistant Army made it possible, that the liberation movement removed the Aidid’s cheapskates from bothered the land.

In 1998 RRA liberated Bakol region from the horror militiamen, the precombat in Bakol was a fierce one, over 70 RRA national military troops died in the fight, where the Salballar exotic aggressors were killed over 200 and captured battle-wagons, huge ammunition and live militia prisoners by RRA military forces.

This was the first military triumph by Rahawein Resistant Army signalised to Somalians and the rest of the whole world, because in no one believed that Rahaweinians of the Southern Somalia Maayland origin “could have” such kind tangible ability of reacting to Aidid and his clan followers, who violated Mailand ancestor’s territorial heritage between the two rivers Jubba and SHabelle.

In 1999 Rahawein Resistant Army (RRA) fresher and afresh liberated Biadoa town the second headquarter of the Sixth Mailand State Provinces.
During the rival, RRA determined warriors inhanded 157 battle-wagons from the Salballar Militia, RRA movement also captured hundreds of Aidid’s Militiamen, but the national rebel did not kill either of the captives, they were freed and sent them back to their homes, after given money and good dresses.

This crucial major task led by the movement inspired that RRA challenged and entered-fore a hellish miliatry actions at the rest of Mailand occupied territorial areas and borders such:-Lower-Shabelle, Lower-Jubba, Middle-Jubba and Gedo.

RRA deployed well-equipped troops to distinguish Mailand districts such as:- Afgoye, Qoryoley, Tortorow, Haway, Kurtun-Warey, Sablale, Bardhere, Jilib, Luuq, Jamame, Goobwein, Kismanyo etc.

in this time, the vendetta tussle row deteriorating , RRA recieved a supplicated invitation from Djabuti of being pledged to participate it to the Somalia Peace initiative reconciliation conference in Arta to construct a central government for all Somalians, it rendered 70 participant frenetic delegates led the delegations by former RRA general secratary director Dr Abdalla Derow Isaq to negotiate with all confronted wings meeting there in 2001.

Since the liberation movement conceded the peace-call for any circumstances, it paused military offensives and the troops remained only at their trenches they possessed before to guard any sectarian problematic enemy that could posse danger to the stability and existence of the Mailand citizens.

In the resistance, RRA liberation earned a better political reputation on the stage of Somali ministerial legitimating ruling positions and for the first time it achieved potential diplomatic bargaining that it can oppose or accept policies concern about the regulation of the state affairs.

RRA put rapturous conditional articles on the negotiation desk and both side representative delegations endorsed fully the undraft agreement.

The accord said “The Transitional Government headquarter should to be Baidoa city in Mailand”, 2: withdrawing militiamen from the occupied provinces and the inhabitants should it given back the control of their own regions”. 3: Applicating UN Peace-Keeping observers for those could arbitrate the warring rivals and disarm them and collect the weapons from all the mistrusted armed sects, since the violence prolonged in the country”. But all these harmony articles broken by the TNG president Abudkasim Salad Hasan and he put the fuel into fire instead of lasting solution which could success for all parts of Somalia the war-torn country.

The 6th of June Mailand population send smart patriotic cables to each other through the five continents, you could see that children, women and also men coming out and celebrating,  dancing, cheering and ululating because of happiness of their own freedom victory.

This precious day, the nation also give an especial great respect to their own beloved beautiful flag by waving it every where Land and air admirably.

This day, traditional examples, personal carrying vehicles, amphibious and para troops, coast-guard vessels, matching police, school pedagogues and students walking in queues, health-car missioners, milatary commandos with commanders and the state leaders are also seen at the various places of Mailand soil, therefore, the sixth June (6thJune) is an exceptional memorial day (gusto) for all Mailand great nation!!

By: Ustad Adam Increase


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