The new Somali Minister of Justice thanks Turkey for its contribution to his education


Today, Tuesday, the new Somali Minister of Justice, Abd al-Qadir Muhammad Nur, expressed his thanks to Turkey and the Turkish people for their contribution to the completion of his education, for his studies at a Turkish university with a full Turkish scholarship.

Muhammed Nour shared a tweet by the Head of the Affairs of the Diaspora Turks and Related Communities (YTB), Abdullah Iran, on his Twitter account, commenting on it, saying, “Mr. President (Iran) I thank you, YTB and the Turkish people. A figure in the lives of thousands of foreign students.

Iran congratulated the new minister on his post in a tweet he posted on his Twitter account, adding, “We are proud of the graduates of Turkish universities. Abdul Qadir Muhammad Nur has become the new Minister of Justice in Somalia .. Mubarak and we wish you success in your duties.”

And yesterday, Monday, the Somali Prime Minister, Muhammad Husayn Rubli, appointed Abdul Qadir Muhammad Nur, who graduated from the Turkish University of Ankara, Minister of Justice in the new Somali government.

Mehmed Nour finished his university studies in the Department of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara State University.

The formation of the government came after Robley’s intense consultations with academics, intellectuals and dignitaries in the country, and he gave priority to youth and women.

The new formation, announced by Robley, includes 70 members, including 27 ministers, 26 deputy ministers, and 17 state ministers, 5 of whom are women.

The Turkish scholarship is one of the most important scholarship programs around the world, as it targets foreign students exclusively, and is fully funded by the Turkish state, which includes a monthly salary in addition to many other benefits.


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