All human-Kind are siblings from a single father and mother Adam and Eve peace be upon them one descended clay coherent family, but, if we charge your proclaiming, when you have for your own interests of saying “we are brothers,” not beyond your lips, to use Mailand people as a political ladder and as soon as you reach in your goals saying “Eelaay-Wiiq beggars, non Somalis,” a mean sounding your famous patronizing racisim phrases, occupying their own land, killing them in trifle including colossi, looting their properties, eradicating them from the whole country particularly their homes, demolishing their rubric, creating among them hatred, enmity and backwardness, kidnapping them asthough they are your own slaves and mobilizing unexisted melee or hostilities against their stability and existence, then, are the Mailand folks goofy ones or what,? sincerely, a true and real brother does not decapitate you and doesn’t always plan a racial genocide counter your presence on earth at all, with out an interrogation, the brother-hood is more sensible and further in depth than the one we have mentioned above, so now, every body is a vigilant, the situation is an eye to eye and no one can be raided in this century day and night, please, let us come the truth to their words and live side by side peacefully in ful respect with no power coercion, monopoly and violation invious against both Sharia and international laws in governing tittle, or else, let us scatter each other definitely to thither. For you confine to Mahaland ful-stop and for Maay the 65% of the Somalia country’s population-toll their own Great Maayland clear borders with red or green lights how ever you want to, because from present time, afresh, no more internal colony’s harns, bribe and vacious savagery could or can and won’t be put with them, enough is enough “60 years extremer and extra-ordinary enough,” let bye gones and be bye gones and again, for Maayland their mangoes and for Mahaland their own stones precisely!!


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