The Terror Act and Brutal Crime of 13-15 Decmber 2018


It is well known locally and Internationally what happened in Baidoa during 13th to 15th December 2018 (threattening, mass detensions, injuries and deaths). People called this event as ”the terror act”. Following are pictorial evidences of the brutal terror act which took place in Baidoa.

But the response was unproportionate and desastrous ending up with killing, injuries, and mass imprisonment with serious and cruel behaviour to terrorize, threaten and molest the unarmed civilians.

With this brutal act of terror, the South West Somali communities have been forcibly denied their rights to choose their regional state leaders by the Federal Government of Somalia especially the President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, his Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre, the Federal Minister of Security Mr. Abukar Islaw, the Deputy Director of NISA Mr. Fahad yaasiin, the South West Minister of security MR. Hassa Hussein (Eelaay), the South West Police Commander general Mahad Abdurahman and the AMISOM Ethioipian contingent. The abovementioned officials were all directly involved and responsible for whatever happened in Baidoa in those days; death of around 15 persons, 3-5 persons injuried and more than 300 children put in prison. The top officials issued the order and the soldiers executed the order as issued. The whole community have been terrorized and unscrupulously humiliated depriiving all basic human rights as per the below pictures.

History repeats itself in different ways sometimes and in the same in others. Previous Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud did the same thing using Ethiopian soldiers in November 20014 putting Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden on the Presidency Chair of South West three regions. Here is Farmajo done the same putting Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed (Lafta Gareeng) on the SouthWest Presidency by force using Ethiopian troops. What Farmajo and his accomplices have done in Baidoa exactly resembles what has been done in Togo in 1849 as per the below photos.

And nobody whether from Fedral Government of Somalia (FGS) or from South West talked about this brutal violations of human rights. No apology nor condolense, instead a congratulation to Ethiopian soldiers of brutal crime by the Mohamed Abdullahi farmagio. On 30 Decmeber 2018, the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations (SRSGUN) for Somalia His Excellency Mr. Nicolas Haysom has rightfully requested clearification and explanation on what steps have been taken in terms of investigation and decisions made regarding the committed crimes in Baidoa.

Astonishing is instead of giving a diplomatically sound and professionally and ethically convinsing response, the FGS gave the SRSGUN for Somalia what they have called ”Persona Non Grata” (PNG). Apparently this unprofessional and unethical decision has been instigated and dictated by some neighbouring countries aiming to have control on Somali politics and resources. If the FGS thought that giving a PNG to the SRSGUN will hide, cover or bring to end the above brutal crimes they made a big mistake. This will not end the investigation requested by His Excellency Mr. Haysom. They have to clearly explain and admitt and confess all the committed crimes and face their consequencies. The Detension of Mukhtar Rooboow Mukhtar Rooboow has publicly confessed and clarified that he has defected from Al shabab after he has disagreed with Al shabab regarding faith and Islam application. Rooboow use the statement in Somali ”Aniga iyo Al shabaab Caqiidadaan ku kala tagney” which in English means I and Al shabab have diasgreed on the faith. There were repetitive promises by the President Mohamed Abdullahi farmajo that all defectors from Al shabab will be rehabilitated and given vocational trainings for their new life and community integration. Roboow neearly was to be killed by Godane the then Leader of Al

shabab before escaping to his native village where he has been attacked continuously to kill him for almost six years. When the FGS saw that he is able to defend himself, decided to talk to him and negotiate with him for cooperation. Rooboow accepted the suggestion and he was willing to coopearting with FGS. Because of the FGS has no written and detailed probation period and procedure for Al shabab defectors e.g how money years a defector should be under supervision, what he or she should not do or apply for etc. Roobow ambition was not to run for South West leadership, was the South West communities inside and outside of the country who requested him to run for South West laedership and he accepted the request of his communities. The South West electoral commission accepted his application and gave him the certificate of candidacy. The FGS had no problem at the first time untill they have realized that Rooboow will surely win because of his popularity. Then, at onece the FGS decided to stop him from running, firstly the FGS posponed the elections and broght 85 MPs to Mogadishu for bribery, second time, FGS tried to chnage the elctoral commission using corruption and threatening MPs and electoral commission to issue new rules and proceduries to block Rooboow, but all these attempts failed.

Having no other choice except either to let Rooboow wins or use force to stop him. The last resort became use force to stop Rooboow and put Abidiasis Hassan Mohamed (laftagareeng) on Power. All other stories (Roobow has not clarefied his defection from Al shabab, Rooboow was calling his militia in Baidoa etc) spread by the FGS are baseless and false pretext just to through dust on the eyes of the International Communty. Having saied this, the detention and beating of Roobow without a court warrant was illegal and clear crime and the FGS, AMISOM and Ethiopian Governmnet must answer to the legal and fair questions of the SRSGUN. The Insensible Self Defense of FGS The FGS Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Ahmad Isse Awad after he sent the awful PNG letter and talking to BBC Somali service said “we are the responsible officials of our people (Roobow and people of Baidoa), the SRSGUN cannot care our people more than us or he doesn’t love our people more than us”. What a shame!!!

If the case is like that, why he and other officials he is talking about never raised abot the masacre of Baidoa let alone to talk about investigation of the crime and to bring the perpetrators to justice? Why the FGS never talked about death of around 15 persons and kept silent for two weeks? Is this how the FGS care for its people? In sha Allah, the rights of the massacred civilians and Muktaar Rooboow will come out and all perpetrators will be dragged into court. Appeal to The Internal Criminal Court It is one year since perpetrators have committed their crimes in Baidoa and on its population. We, the people of SouthWest member state of Somali Federal Government kindly request the International Criminal Court to bring the perpetrators of these inhumane and brutal crimes to justice.


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