As we all continue to grapple with the preoccupations of Brexit fall out, lets not forget about putting into the spotlight, the Grand Schemes of international Corruption being undertaken right under our noses in Hotels in London. As you may be aware, the Qatar Govt**, through their proxies in the world’s most corrupt Government of somalia

1** and its President Farmajo together with His Prime Minister Mr Kheyre have hastily passed a raft of changes to the somalia’s temporary constitutional frameworks

2** and the petroleum related laws

3** by means of issuing bribes to the unelected Members of the somalia legislature. This will sadly pave way for corrupt wholesale auctioning of Somalia Oil and Gas assets without having the necessary oversight and democratic mandate to do so..
As such, on the 7th February 2019 with the support of Govt of Qatar, Soma oil and Gas, Spectra, other oil speculators , the Corrupt regime at Villa Somalia(Somalia presidential palace) lead by Farmajo’s minister of petroleum and Mining will be attending a petroleum Auction conference at Claridges Hotel in London

4**, in an attempt to illegally and undemocratically auction off 206 oil exploration blocks 5** in the indian ocean within the somalia territorial waters. Such spurious deal making will without doubt bind the hands of any future democratically elected somali government ( type of 6** contracts) with catastrophic consequences to somalia national and economic interests.
Of utmost concern is their purported auctioning off of 4 (four)

7** extremely lucrative petroleum offshore blocks on Galmudug Federal State’s territorial waters in the indian ocean without any due diligence, consultations with President of Galmudug State

8**, the parliament or people of Galmudug state in Somalia in line with the temporary Somalia constitutional framework 9**.

The latest news with regard to these cascading breaches to the temporary somalia constitutional is the suspicious amendments passed changing the laws relating to office holder of the position of Governor of the Central Bank of Somalia

10**. The amendment was passed by way of issuing bribes to the unelected members of somalia parliament to the effect that a now, a NON SOMALI CITIZEN can hold this sensitive office in this fragile governance set up in Somalia. The man being proposed for the post of Governor of Somali Central Bank is none other than Mr Nigel Roberts

11**, a British citizen whose only prerequisite qualification is his known links to SOMA OIL and Gas Company

12** ( a company formed for the sole purpose of exploiting somalia oil and gas

13**) and to billionaires russian Funny enough Mr Nigel Roberts has no educational background in banking or experience working in national central banking setup

14**. He is said to have studied English Literature and Later did a masters course in Agricultural Economics, all, irrelevant qualifications that seriously ill-equips him to be the holder of office of Governor of Central Bank of Somalia. Furthermore, talking of serious conflict of interest, Mr Nigel Robert also seats on the very selection panel that is also going to vet the new Governor of Central bank of Somalia, of which he himself is a candidate

15**.All these suspicious changes have been speared headed by the Somalia Prime Minister Mr Kheyre

16** who also have known links, and said to be indirectly financed by SOMA OIL and GAS given his numerous recent trips back and forth to the Emirati state of Qatar

17** where he brings in “facilitation” dollars to be shared among the unelected members of bicameral somalia parliament

18**. SOMA OIL and GAS has also been linked to former Tory Leader Lord Michael Howard

19**. despite protestations, Lord Howard 20** and Russian billionaire oligarch Alexander Djaparidze

20**, are the brainchild behind this grand theft of Somalia oil resources, through their friends in the Qatar govt and their proxies in the unelected govt in Somalia.
We are also aware that the historically hostile

21** and Landlocked Govt of Ethiopia is about to invest in a fleet of warships without having any sea to protect

22**. It is Galmudug federal state fears that this is part off a grand conspiracy to have those vessels on somali waters to protect oil assets illegality auctioned off through such undemocratic process that belong to the people and Federal State of Galmudug

24** Most contemporary somali political commentators believe that President Farmajo has exhibited flagrant tribal bias

25** and has undermined the delicate power sharing formulation that is based on the somali 4.5 clan system which underpins Somali federal constitutional settlement .

Mr Farmajo’s Government interfered in South West Federal State (a state predominantly inhabited by the Rahanweyn clan) election by arresting their clear front runner Mr Mukhtar Robow (an ex islamist combatant who renounced islamist violence and cleared to run by the electoral commission ) through orders executed by the detested

26*** Ethiopian Amisom contingent. The ensuing riots in Baidoa city resulted the deaths of 15 civilians and mass arrests of civilian protesters, some young children barely of age. When the head of UNSOM Ambassador Haystom raised human rights questions** regarding deployments of Amisom troops disregarding UN protocols, Mr Farmaajo decided to declare Mr Haystom as being Persona Non Grata, effectively kicking Mr Haystom from out of Somalia. However, in the presiding federal election in Puntland state

27**( A state predominantly inhabited by Mr Farmaajo’s Darood clan) President choose to sent the Minister of foreign affairs Mr Awad

28** who hails from his darood clan to sent his best wishes for the election process, instead of sending the relevant minister of interior Mr Sabriye who hails from the Hawiye clan

29** to oversee the election process. In Same vain, Mr Farmaajo has undermined the leadership

30*** of two other Federal states which are predominantly inhabited by the Hawiye Clans , namely Hirshabeele Federal State and Galmudug Federal State. The simmering political tensions throughout the country are at an all time high and could easily reverse gains made in fighting extremism, piracy, attempts made in bringing back a sense of statehood to Somalia.

All this is creating unnecessary political tensions back in Somalia, adding to the already existing instability and is derailing all political progress, goodwill and compromises thus far achieved in the past years in helping Somalia exit the civil war and failed state status. As many NGOs working in somalia are starting to raise their famine early warning system 31** to avert a looming famine crisis in somalia this summer, such political tensions and corruption are unwarranted and will inevitably further escalate security instability by giving extremist organizations such as ISIS and Al Shabaab the oxygen to pander to the somali nationalist narrative that could easily bolster their ranks with disenfranchised and armed tribal militias, further complicating the already volatile security situation in somalia.
You may also be aware of the Somalia- kenya maritime dispute currently pending in the International Court of Justice

32**, to which in similar fashion to (Claridge hotel monkey business), the Corrupt Govt of former Somalia president Sheikh Sharif Sh Ahmed

33** and His PM Mr Abdirashid Sharmarke, illegally and undemocratically signed off large parts of Somali territorial waters in the Indian ocean near the Somalia/Kenya border and handing vast somali oil and fishing assets to kenya in exchange for a few million dollars that was immediately siphoned off from the ìSomali Govt Coffers. As we speak, Kenyan Govt have already issued exploration licences on these illegal oil blocks to Multinational Corporations who are doing untold damage to the marine ecosystems in the Somalia territorial waters in the indian ocean . Also, Kenya Govt continue to refuse to hand over the seismic data to the ICJ or Somalia Govt that it hold over its illegal activities in the somalia territorial waters.

It is therefore imperative that Somalis all over the UK, their friends in the labour party and other civil societies in london mobilise en masse and peacefully protest at the Claridges Hotel in London on 7th February 2019 in order to warn any potential investors against dealing this corrupt and unelected govt officials from Somalia that will in the process destabilize Somalia.


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